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The Health Benefits of Natural Products such as walnut oil, walnut-shell powder, black walnut, powdered walnut hulls, watercress, wheat bran, wheat-germ oil, white cosmetic clay, white soft soap, witch-hazel extract, witch-hazel leaves and twigs.


Alphabetical List of Ingredients



walnut oil

Walnut oil provides a golden glow: This oil enhances tanning while helping to protect the skin from UV damage. Walnut oil contains numerous essential fatty acids that nourish and hydrate the skin, which easily and rapidly absorbs the oil's thin consistency. Recipe for Suntan Oil

walnut-shell powder (black walnut)

powdered walnut hulls

Highlighting the hair: Use herbal rinses to bring out your hair's natural highlights. Steep the recommended herbs in 3 cups boiling water for 30 minutes, and strain. After shampooing, squeeze out excess water and saturate hair with herbal rinse. Towel dry using a dark towel. For blonde or light-brown hair, blend 1 tablespoon each of dried chamomile, comfrey and calendula. To make dark hair more vibrant, add 1 tablespoon of each of dried comfrey, powdered black-walnut hull and sage. To cover up gray, mix 1/2 cup of neutral henna with enough brewed coffee-usually about 1 cup-to make a gooey paste. Leave on hair for 30 minutes. Recipe for Natural Cosmetics


Mineral-rich watercress: Mineral-deficient skin is lackluster and slack. Watercress offers up its minerals to provide nourishment. Gently astringent, watercress also tightens and tones the skin for a smoother feel. Recipe for Steam Facial

wheat bran

Wheat or oat bran is an excellent, non-abrasive and non-irritating exfoliator for sensitive skin. Recipe for Body Scrubs

Wheat bran to nourish the skin: Wheat bran, produced by milled wheat flour, contains B-complex vitamins. It gently cleanses the skin and is especially good for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. Recipe for Bran Bath

wheat-germ oil

Wheat-germ oil: Rich in vitamin A and E, wheat-germ oil fights free radicals, and helps heal blemishes. Added to sage tea, wheat-germ oil seals in much-needed moisture. Even oily skin can be moisture starved on the surface; when this occurs, the skin pumps yet more oil in an attempt to lubricate the top layer. Recipe for Facial Pack

Wheat-germ oil for nourishment: Golden yellow with a pleasant, grainlike smell wheat-germ oil is obtained by cold-pressing wheat kernels. It contains high-quality plant lecithin and large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. Its abundant levels of vitamin B and E smooth and nourish the skin, which make it an excellent remedy for dry skin. Recipe for Foot Balm

Vegetable Oils for intensive care: Vitamins and essential fatty acids are present in vegetable oils, which can strengthen the hair. Olive oil conditions and nourishes normal hair. Fine hair, however, benefits from grape-seed oil since it helps plump the hair shaft, making it much more resilient. Finally, wheat germ oil provides vitamin E, which adds a healthy and lustrous glow to both types of hair. Recipe for Hair Treatments

Wheat-germ oil to revitalize the skin: Wheat-germ oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and is beneficial for many skin types, but it is especially good for softening and conditioning dry, dull skin. This oil can also act as a preservative when added to other oil formulations. Recipe for Moisturizing Oil

Wheat-germ oil smoothes the skin: This light, golden-yellow oil has large amounts of vitamin A, D and E, which help to smooth the skin by protecting it from tiny dry lines and wrinkles, as well as from loss of elasticity. Recipe for Suntan Oil

white cosmetic clay

White cosmetic clay to treat blemishes: White cosmetic clay is high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium, which are beneficial for oily, blemished skin. The clay's mildly drying and disinfectant properties help heal existing blemishes and inflammations, while preventing new ones from forming. Recipe for Bran Bath

Components: Different trace minerals and plant materials, depending on the clay's origin, create clays with different properties and different colours, including white and green (the most popular) as well as yellow, red, brown, black and grey. White clay contains magnesium, silica, aluminum oxide, zinc and calcium; green clay also contains silica, calcium and magnesium, along with potassium, sodium, iron and, of course, plant materials that give it its hue. Recipe for Clay Treatments

White and green clays: White clay is the best choice for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It's also the best clay for use in powders, deodorants and bath additives. French green clay, with its rougher texture and greater astringency, is excellent for oily skin and for treating conditions that require exfoliation, circulation stimulation and toxin removal, such as acne and eczema. Recipe for Clay Treatments

Clay baths for sore muscles: Health spas offer clay or mud baths in which the body is submerged for up to one hour. The warm, thick, therapeutic mud can relieve muscle soreness resulting from sports injuries, overexertion or tension. After rinsing off, an hour of rest is usually prescribed. Recipe for Clay Treatments

witch-hazel extract

Witch-hazel extract for skin problems: A diluted extract of witch-hazel leaves and twigs will alleviate skin inflammation and acne. Witch-hazel has an anti-inflammatory effect and acts as a disinfectant, which enables it to provide relief of painful and slow-to-heal pustules. Witch-hazel is also mildly astringent, and will reduce and constrict your pores, making them appear smaller. Recipe for Body Lotion

Witch-hazel extract to inhibit sweating: Witch-hazel extract, readily available in drug and grocery stores, is derived from the plant's bark, twigs and leaves. It inhibits inflammation, absorbs oil and is mildly astringent. With regular use it constricts skin pores and thus reduces excessive sweat formation. If you shave your underarms, apply witch hazel water just after shaving; it eliminates small pimples and reddening. Recipe for Herbal Deodorant

Enhancing the eyes: Jojoba oil is a great nighttime eye moisturizer. Dab the oil around the eyes with your finger, avoiding the lashes and lids. To relieve puffy eyes, place a cold teabag over each eye and rest. For strained eyes, dip cotton balls in cold witch hazel, milk or tea, and apply to eyes. Recipe for Natural Cosmetics

Essential oils for for acne: Thyme, lemon and yarrow essential oils are germicidal and anti-inflammatory, and have a healing effect on acne. Mix 10 drops each of these oils with 8 ounces of witch hazel. Saturate a cotton ball and apply to the face, neck, chest or back three times daily to disinfect the skin and remove oil. Store in a dark glass bottle and shake well before using. Recipe for Night Gel

witch-hazel leaves and twigs

White cosmetic clay for oily skin: A diluted extract of witch-hazel leaves and twigs will alleviate skin inflammation and acne. Witch-hazel has an anti-inflammatory effect and acts as a disinfectant, which enables it to provide relief of painful and slow-to-heal pustules. Witch-hazel is also mildly astringent, and will reduce and constrict your pores, making them appear smaller. Recipe for Body Powder

Witch hazel for toning: Witch-hazel leaves and twigs serve as a gentle astringent, which naturally refines the surface of the skin. They are excellent for conditioning all skin types, from oily to normal. Recipe for Facial Compress

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