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The Health Benefits of Natural Products such as oat bran, oats, olive oil, olive oil (certified organic), extra-virgin olive oil, orange-blossom water, orange essential oil


Alphabetical List of Ingredients



oat bran

Wheat or oat bran is an excellent, non-abrasive and non-irritating exfoliator for sensitive skin. Recipe for Body Scrubs

Oat bran for smooth skin: Bran from milled oats contains small amounts of salicylic acid and enzymes that stimulate circulation and gently exfoliate the skin. Oat bran is beneficial for all skin types. Recipe for Bran Bath


Rolled oats for exfoliating: Finely ground old-fashioned rolled oats make a bland conditioning flower that also serves as an effective and gentle exfoliant. The oats are non-irritating for sensitive skin and gently bleach the skin of hyperpigmentation spots. Recipe for Cleansing Talc

Soothing oatmeal: Old-fashioned oatmeal will refresh and calm inflamed, acned skin and help heal blemishes. Recipe for Facial Pack

Oat for strength: Oats contains silicic acid, which strengthens the skin and increases its immunological response. This protects chapped and dry skin from irritation and from such conditions as eczema. Recipe for Facial Pack

Oats for soothing and cleaning: Finely-ground rolled oats gently remove dead skin cells. Oats contain pectin, gums and emollients that soothe and heal all skin types. With gentle use, an oat-based facial scrub will give skin a rosy glow and help keep the skin's pores free of debris. Recipe for Facial Scrubs

Oats, yogurt and fruit juice for skin tone: Finely ground oats act as a gentle exfoliant and can remove dead skin cells. They also possess a mild bleaching property, helping to reduce spots and blotches on the skin. Yogurt contains small amounts of lactic acid, which has a mild germicidal action and helps maintain the skin's pH balance. The citric acid in fresh fruit juice also helps to even out blotchy skin. Recipe for Hand-Care Treatments

olive oil

Nourishing herbal oils for dry skin: Thick, pale-green avocado oil conditions and regenerates dry, lackluster skin and supplies it with essential fatty acids. Olive oil provides vitamins and makes the skin soft and smooth. Recipe for Body Lotion

Vegetable oils prevent split ends: Before a treatment with henna or a walnut shell tint, rub a bit of olive oil or jojoba oil into your palms and apply it to the ends of your hair to discourage split ends, especially if your hair tends to be dry. These oils also nourish the scalp and smooth out the cuticle of each individual hair, making it easier to comb. Recipe for Hair Tinting

Vegetable Oils for intensive care: Vitamins and essential fatty acids are present in vegetable oils, which can strengthen the hair. Olive oil conditions and nourishes normal hair. Fine hair, however, benefits from grape-seed oil since it helps plump the hair shaft, making it much more resilient. Finally, wheat germ oil provides vitamin E, which adds a healthy and lustrous glow to both types of hair. Recipe for Hair Treatments

extra-virgin olive oil

Nourishing olive oil for normal skin: Extra-virgin olive oil contains vitamin E and minerals, making it especially nourishing and gentle for the skin. Regular use will help to improve the skin's moisture balance, so include a scrub made with olive oil in your weekly cleansing routine. Recipe for Facial Scrubs

orange-blossom water

Invigorating orange-blossom water: This flower water is a by-product of the steam distillation of neroli oil. It has the fresh, sweet scent of oranges and invigorates the skin. Recipe for Neckline Care

Orange-blossom water for oily skin: Orange-blossom water, sometimes called neroli water, helps improve and refine pores as well as refresh oily skin. When added to a shower gel, its astringent properties prevent blemishes from forming and improve the appearance of skin. Orange-blossom water, a by-product of essential-oil production, has an uplifting scent. Recipe for Shower Gel

Orange-blossom water for gentle freshening: Like rose water, orange-blossom water is a by product of the essential-oil extraction process. Made when producing neroli oil, it is mildly astringent and helps restore suppleness and vitality, which are often lacking in mature skin. It naturally soothes sensitive facial tissue and increases blood flow to the skin. Recipe for Toner

orange essential oil

Orange and Roman-chamomile oils to help relax infants: Orange and Roman-chamomile essential oils have a relaxing effect on babies when added to an aromatherapy lamp and placed in the nursery. Recipe for Baby Oil

Orange essential oil for stimulation: A delicate cleansing lotion with with the essential oil of oranges has a fresh and revitalizing scent. When applied to the skin, orange essential oil stimulates circulation. Recipe for Cleansing Lotion

Orange essential oil for fresh breath: Orange essential oil helps to freshen the breath and leaves a delicate, fruity aftertaste. Recipe for Toothpaste

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