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The Health Benefits of Natural Products such as geranium essential oil, geranium hydrosol, German-chamomile essential oil, German-chamomile hydrosol, German-chamomile water, ginger essential oil, glycerin, glycerite, grapefruit essential oil, grape-seed oil, green tea rose-geranium essential oil


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geranium essential oil

Essential oils for your hair type: Adding essential oils to conditioners can help address your particular hair-care needs. For instance, myrrh and geranium oils can help repair dry, damaged hair, while clary-sage oil can give hair a delicate sheen. Dandruff may benefit from cypress oil, which gently cleanses the scalp without drying it out, and from tea-tree oil, which helps fight bacterial infections that can occur with severe cases of dandruff. Invigorating rosemary oil stimulates circulation and promotes vigorous hair growth, which can counteract hair loss and dandruff. Recipe for Hair Conditioner

Geranium for aroma: Geranium oil is great for setting lotions. It has a soothing aroma as well as as a cleansing, antiseptic effect. Recipe for Hair Setting Lotion

Geranium oil for harmony and balance: This delicate, rosy fragrance is very effective in treating stress, fatigue and anxiety, and it is an inexpensive alternative to genuine rose oil. Recipe for Perfume

geranium hydrosol

Geranium hydrosol for clear skin: Aromatic geranium hydrosol, distilled from the rose-geranium plant, helps regulate sebaceous-gland activity. Regular use will help to reduce infection and inflammation. Geranium hydrosol is available at natural-food and herbal stores. Recipe for Day Cream

German-chamomile essential oil (Chamomile, Blue essential oil)

For rough hands: A water-based cream containing the antioxidant vitamin E and A can prevent infection of hands with tiny cracks and other wounds. Add German-chamomile or calendula essential oil to the cream, and rub it into your hands several times a day. Recipe for Weather Protection

Chamomile for skin inflammation: Both Roman (Anthemis nobilis) and German (Matricaria recutica) chamomile are rich in antibacterial and analgesic volatile oils. Use either form of chamomile to relieve such skin inflammations as eczema and psoriasis. Recipe for Herbal Baths

German-chamomile hydrosol

German-chamomile hydrosol for redness: German-chamomile hydrosol is a watery by-product of the essential oil that helps to soothe and heal the skin. It also protects sensitive skin from redness and irritation. You can find this ingredient in health-food stores. Recipe for Day Cream

German-chamomile water

German-chamomile water for inflammations: A by-product of German-chamomile essential oil, German-chamomile water is high in alpha bisabolol and chamazulene, both antiseptics and anti-inflammatory. Use this water, which is available in health-food stores, in place of tap water in your facial scrub. Recipe for Facial Scrubs

ginger essential oil

Essential oils for cold feet: Cold feet are often caused by poor circulation. A foot balm containing the essential oils of ginger and sage will help stimulate blood flow. Ginger oil warms the feet, and sage oil helps reduce perspiration that makes feet clammy. Recipe for Foot Balm


Glycerine is an amazing product whose unusual combination of properties has made it useful in a wide variety of applications. Historically, glycerine was produced commercially as a by-product in the manufacture of soap. Today, conventional vegetable glycerine is derived from palm oil by the process of hydrogenolysis, which takes off the fatty acids, leaving pure vegetable glycerine. Organic Vegetable Glycerine is derived from soy.



Make your own: In an extraction method using vegetable glycerin instead of alcohol. For instructions visit the How to make a glycerite It is used in a recipe mentioned here. This blend is ideal for chapped skin. Recipe for Toner

grapefruit essential oil

Citrus oils for astringency: Lemon, lime and grapefruit essential oils have a potent astringent effect. They strengthen the capillaries, tighten skin tissue and reduce water retention in cells. Since they also increase circulation, they prevent lymph accumulation. Orange oil is slightly less astringent, but it has the same general properties and is gentler on the skin. It also has a calming effect. Recipe for Anti-Cellulite Oil

Essential oils for fragrance and healing: Grapefruit essential oil gently stimulates and refreshes, adding a slight deodorizing effect. Juniper oil is especially useful for combating water retention as well as stress and fatigue. Essential oil of lavender can help heal painful fissures and minor inflammations. Recipe for Body Scrubs

For freshness: Oils from the skins of a variety of citrus fruits provide the perfumes fruity, fresh note. Lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and bitter orange oils are used as light scent oils. They give a refreshing top note and also provide the perfume with its delicate, invigorating scent. Recipe for Perfume

grape-seed oil

Carrier oils for moisture and softness: Grape-seed, hazelnut and soybean oil, used in many body scrubs, penetrate the skin readily. They supply essential fatty acids to the skin, lending it increased elasticity and a soft sheen. Recipe for Body Scrubs

Nourishing grape-seed oil: Oil produced from grape seeds has a very fine consistency, which makes it particularly well suited for use in light skin-care lotions. Grape-seed oil also helps nourish the skin without leaving a feeling of greasiness. Recipe for Neckline Care

Vegetable Oils for intensive care: Vitamins and essential fatty acids are present in vegetable oils, which can strengthen the hair. Olive oil conditions and nourishes normal hair. Fine hair, however, benefits from grape-seed oil since it helps plump the hair shaft, making it much more resilient. Finally, wheat germ oil provides vitamin E, which adds a healthy and lustrous glow to both types of hair. Recipe for Hair Treatments

Grape-seed oil provides nutrients: The thin, pale yellow oil pressed from grape seeds provides the hair with trace minerals and other nutrients, and conditions the hair. Recipe for Hair Treatments

Grape-seed oil for nourishment: Grape-seed oil has a light, thin consistency that allows it to penetrate the skin especially well. It also has an appealing yellow-green color and is practically odorless. Typically available in its refined form, grape seed oil nourishes and conditions the skin and protects it from cold weather, which can cause drying and cracking. Recipe for Lip Care

Grapeseed oil: Grapeseed oil is thin-bodied and is one of the lightest oils. It is clear in color and has hardly any odor. Its thin consistency allows it to penetrate rapidly into the skin, quickly transporting healing components into skin tissue. Grapeseed oil is particularly good for mixed skin types, as well as greasy skin with blemishes or acne. Recipe for Massage Oil

Grape-seed oil for nourishing the skin: This oil has a nourishing and protective effect on normal and sensitive skin types. Grape-seed oil's fine, thin consistency does not clog pores. Recipe for Mosquito Repellant

green tea

Green tea for toning and oily buildup: The caffeine contained in green tea helps to tighten and tone the skin. The tea is also quite beneficial for oily skin, as the tannic acid works to remove any excess oil. Recipe for Body Scrubs

Relief for the eyes - An eye pack that is made from a cooling compress of green tea is known to be beneficial to tired, strained eyes. Recipe for Eye Baths

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