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The Health Benefits of Natural Products such as fennel seeds, flaxseed, frankincense essential oil, French green clay and fruit juice.


Alphabetical List of Ingredients



fennel seeds

Fennel seeds for tired, dry eyes: An eye bath with fennel-seed tea is clarifying, cleansing and refreshing for tired eyes. It also helps lubricate dry eyes. Fennel-tea eye baths are ideal for individuals who must work in front of computers or strain their eyes in other ways, since they relax the eye muscles and relieve eyestrain. Recipe for Eye Baths (use coffee grinder to grind seeds)


Flaxseeds for sensitive skin: Fresh, finely ground flaxseeds are suitable for scrubs for all skin types, but are especially good for normal or oily skin; these types are prone to surface dehydration and irritation. The slippery and mucilaginous qualities of flaxseeds not only serve to gently exfoliate the skin, but also to soften and moisturize it. Recipe for Facial Scrubs (use coffee grinder to grind seeds)

frankincense essential oil

Frankincense oil for stressed skin: Frankincense essential oil, extracted by steam distillation from the resin of a scrubby tree native to Africa and India, is often added to skin-care products. The oil helps to rejuvenate tired, wrinkled skin and is perfect for dry and mature skin types. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties benefit sensitive and environmentally damaged skin. Recipe for Facial Scrubs

French green clay

Components: Different trace minerals and plant materials, depending on the clay's origin, create clays with different properties and different colours, including white and green (the most popular) as well as yellow, red, brown, black and grey. White clay contains magnesium, silica, aluminum oxide, zinc and calcium; green clay also contains silica, calcium and magnesium, along with potassium, sodium, iron and, of course, plant materials that give it its hue. Recipe for Clay Treatments

White and green clays: White clay is the best choice for normal, dry and sensitive skin. It's also the best clay for use in powders, deodorants and bath additives. French green clay, with its rougher texture and greater astringency, is excellent for oily skin and for treating conditions that require exfoliation, circulation stimulation and toxin removal, such as acne and eczema. Recipe for Clay Treatments

Clay baths for sore muscles: Health spas offer clay or mud baths in which the body is submerged for up to one hour. The warm, thick, therapeutic mud can relieve muscle soreness resulting from sports injuries, overexertion or tension. After rinsing off, an hour of rest is usually prescribed. Recipe for Clay Treatments

French Green Clay: A powdery, astringent "healing earth" called French green clay may be purchased in health-food stores. This mineral-rich clay reduces sebum production and keeps moisture in the tissues. Recipe for Facial Pack

fruit juice

Oats, yogurt and fruit juice for skin tone: Finely ground oats act as a gentle exfoliant and can remove dead skin cells. They also possess a mild bleaching property, helping to reduce spots and blotches on the skin. Yogurt contains small amounts of lactic acid, which has a mild germicidal action and helps maintain the skin's pH balance. The citric acid in fresh fruit juice also helps to even out blotchy skin. Recipe for Hand-Care Treatments

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