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The Health Benefits of Natural Products such as Echinacea tincture, Egg yolk, Eleuthero Root - most frequently nicknamed Siberian ginseng, elderflower glycerite, emulsifying wax, eucalyptus essential oil, evening primrose oil, everlasting oil aka Helichrysum oil, eyebright.


Alphabetical List of Ingredients



Echinacea tincture

(Echinacea Glycerite)

Echinacea for inflamed skin: Echinacea has antibacterial properties and restores inflamed connective tissue.  Note: The alcohol in echinacea tincture evaporates when it is heated, leaving behind the herb's potent healing properties. Recipe for Body Lotion

Egg yolk

Egg yolk for elasticity: The lecithin in egg yolk is completely absorbed by the skin and used as "skin food." Yolk gives the skin a fine, rosy appearance and maintains the elasticity of its upper layers. Recipe for Facial Pack

Natural lecithin for beautiful hair: Enrich vegetable hair tints by adding an egg yolk, which contains lecithin, a hair-softening emollient. This adds protein, which helps to smooth the hair cuticle and boost shine. Recipe for Hair Tinting

Lecithin for nourishment: Egg yolks contain large amounts of lecithin and supply valuable conditioners that do not weigh down the hair. The scalp, too, can benefit from the lecithin, as it is very nourishing for the skin. Recipe for Hair Treatments

Eleuthero Root most frequently nicknamed - Siberian ginseng

For mental and physical stress: When stress levels run high, delicately scented lemon-balm leaves can help relieve symptoms by combating muscle and nervous tension. Siberian-ginseng root can be beneficial in reducing stress levels, but if you are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy, avoid using them. Recipe for Relaxing Baths

elderflower glycerite

This toner is especially good for thirsty, dehydrated skin. I am having a hard time finding a good source for elderflower glycerite so make the following suggestion. Since you are already into making your own natural products, buy the elderflowers and follow the following directions. Herbal glycerite may be prepared using two methods. In one method, dried or fresh herbs are blended with pure vegetable glycerin. The resulting mixture is shaken each day for two weeks, then pressed or squeezed through a filter to produce a clear product. Alternatively, a glycerite may be prepared by slowly evaporating the alcohol from a tincture and then adding a volume of glycerin equal to the original amount of alcohol. Making your own is the least expensive method and you'll have lots for future toner treatments. Recipe for Toner

emulsifying wax (NF)

Emulsifying wax is an ideal medium for the blending of fine creams, lotions and other fluid cosmetics which contain oil and water. Extraction Method: Fatty acid and ester isolation from plant fats. You cannot make any of the creams or lotions mentioned in this e-book without using Borax or Emulsifying Wax. All the recipes call for borax. Emulsifying wax is an alternative. The following are a list of recipe that you can make and replace Borax with Emulsifying Wax.

eucalyptus essential oil

Natural help for dandruff: If you have dandruff, use a shampoo containing eucalyptus essential oil. Each time you wash your hair, the eucalyptus essential oil will remove existing flakes and help purify your scalp. Recipe for Shampoo

evening primrose oil

Evening-primrose oil for easing inflammation: A natural anti-inflammatory, evening primrose oil aids in healing irritated skin, making it good for people with blemishes or skin problems. Recipe for Mosquito Repellant

Evening primrose oil to reduce inflammation: Skin that tends to develop blemishes may have a deficiency in gamma linolenic acid (GLA). As a result, pores tend to become clogged with debris. Evening primrose oil is rich in GLA and also has a natural anti-inflammatory action on the skin. Taken either internally (follow label directions) or applied externally, this oil helps reduce acne inflammation and encourages the skin to remain moist and soft.  Recipe for Night Gel

everlasting oil

aka Helichrysum oil

Everlasting is considered a medicinal plant with many promising pharmacological activities because it operates as a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial and it's commonly referred to by other names, such as Helichrysum, Immortelle or the Curry Plant. It is widely used as a Sunburn Relief and Skin Cancer Protector. Try using it in a massage oil or a facial and body moisturizing oil. Reduce mental fatigue and open your breathing with the sweet aroma diffused around you. Recipe for Body Lotion


eyebright tea

Soothe and Clear Eyes: Eye baths made with eyebright tea soothe and clear the eyes while helping to ease puffiness and swelling. As its name suggests, eyebright has been used for centuries to promote healthy vision. This tea has natural antihistamine properties that may reduce allergies, which often irritate eyes. Eyebright tea bags have also been used as a compress to alleviate eye irritation and inflammation, but there is some question about the safety of this use. Check for safety HERE. Recipe for Eye Baths

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