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Enjoy making your own homemade Natural Beauty Products.

We are at the forefront of providing organic and natural ingredients, for make-your-own skin, hair and beauty care products. Whether you're starting or expanding your business; or simply want to be in control of what you and your family put on your skin and hair, we are your one stop shop for only high quality organic ingredients, packaging and equipment. Step-by-step recipe instructions for making your own homemade Natural Beauty Products. Our Recipes use only high quality organic bulk herbs, gourmet spices, loose leaf teas, essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural body care ingredients. Our extensive selection includes certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested, and Kosher certified botanical products.

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We believe that it is equally important to pay attention to what you put on your body as well as what you put in your body. We have been compiling information since 1985 and feel compelled to share with others all the wonderful information about the benefits of using only pure, natural, and organic products for the entire body. We offer a wide range of information appropriate for the whole family including skin care, acne care, scar care, hair care, body care, oral care, and deodorants.

In today's hectic lifestyle there seems to be too little time to take care of ourselves properly, but we have to! It has been said that we should plan what we eat as if our life depended on it. Well, guess what? It does. The same is true for what we put on our bodies, on our hair and our teeth. The chemicals in the commercial creams, gels, shampoos, deodorant, hair rinses, hair dyes, toner, scrubs, cosmetics, toothpastes, soaps all contribute to the ill health of many people. We continually strive to recommend the best natural, yet effective ingredients in our recipes, so you can be assured that you are putting the best possible natural products on your body.

Soaking in Herbal Baths, using natural products that don't contain chemical additives, and body lotions made with precious natural oils is our idea of good healthy practice.

Bathing with all natural botanical products can be a transforming and enhancing experience that provides us with numerous skin toning benefits while being gentle on our skin and the environment.
The bathing products offered by A1 Natural Beauty do not contain synthetic ingredients derived from the petrochemical industry, nor will we offer products of a synthetic nature which may contain other chemical compounds.

All of the yummy bath delights offered here are of earth origin and made exclusively with natural, botanical, renewable or vegetable based sources. Soft, gentle and without compromise to the environment. We are sure that you will find a plethora of products kissed with botanical goodness and designed explicitly for the naturalist in mind.

A relaxing bath followed by a massage is an effective therapeutic treatment. Why not make your own homemade massage oil? We have personally been perusing alternatives to commercial products and in our search have found many wonderful suggestions for making Foot Balm, Herbal Deodorant, Hair Rinses, Anti-Wrinkle cream, Toner, Shower Gel, Body Scrubs, Homemade Shampoos, Natural Cosmetics, and Facial Scrubs. We have put them together on this site to share with others who may be of the same mind and on the same quest.

All the recipes on this site are 100% free for you to experiment with. Depending on where you live, you may or may not find all the ingredients you will need at your local health-food store. For that reason we have included a resources list on every recipe page.

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